Marketing Promotion in China

Marketing APP in China

Know the China APP Market

China’s smart phone penetration rate is extremely high, with a population of 1.4 billion is a huge market.Unlike western market only have iOS and Google play store, China has more than 200 Android app stores and Google play has no place at all since it’s blocked by the government. You have to know the most important Android APP stores in China.

Localize your app

Translate your whole app to Chinese to overcome the language barrier. Not only your app name, description, keywords for marketing but also interface. A good user experiences is essential.

Design your APP for China if possible, especially on holidays like CNY(Chinese New Year)

Integrate with local tools like social media and payment. Western social media like Facebook, Twitter are blocked in China. We have to use local tools like wechat, weibo, alipay and wechat pay.

QR code, which is all over the country. Quick and easy way to connect the users. No need to remember the link, name, or address, with a quick scan, that’s all.

Know your competitors in China

China apps move fast and update frequently. Sometimes you have to move faster in order to catch the opportunity though it means that you have to take more risk. Keep in mind that there will be copies appear soon if your app is good. They will copy the right from you and learn from the wrong on you and try to defeat you. Also, your competitors may well funded and willing to burn money to domain the market. So we have to move fast and update our APP with new features, unique content frequently. Keeping ahead and flesh is the key in this fast paced market.

Use free APPs with In-APP purchase

Most of apps in China market are free. Chinese people used to download free apps and won’t pay money to download a paid APP.

Publish your app on multi-channels
Make sure that your APP has been published on popular Android app stores in China ,at least top 10 like Baidu, Tecent, Wandoujia, Huawei, Xiaomi etc.

ASO(app store optimization)

In a word, cover hot keywords+optimize downloads+optimize comments

Social media marketing :PR and KOLs(Key Opinion Leaders)
Get in touch with PR and KOLs who are related to your market and influence your potential users.

Social media

Create your own social media account as your presence in China market and let users to follow you. Engage with your users on these channel and listen to them. Update your APP based on their opinion, improve your App’s user experiences.

APP store promotion

Many of the local stores provide packages of PPD(pa per download), it costs money but efficient to boost your download in a short time. Raise your position on most downloads list.