Create app for Chinese

Graphic Design

We have designers from the USA and China,  use popular design elements  and fit the China market.

Game Development

Develop and publish games worldwide.


Works with Asian and Western developers to help them navigate the fragmented but lucrative Chinese mobile market and launches apps for partners worldwide.

Payment Integration

Integrate with Alipay and Wechat payment, let Chinese pay the bill via cellphone directly .

Social Media

Connect your App with the most popular social medias in China, to gain more and more users.

Local Resources

Localize your images/videos to speed up your app.

"Choose DR Agency, who know the Chinese to help you success in China market."


China is a huge market.In this mobile era nothing is better than an app to provide services to customers in China. DR Agency has rich experiences on APP development and we know the China market. WE will be your partner to enter into China market.


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